Here is my Time Line:

4/27/2010 On-Line Application submitted.

– – – Followed-up with references and transcripts during the next five weeks (One reference seemed to need a reminder and I had undergrad, grad and post-grad transcripts to get mailed).

6/16/2010 Interviewed with PC Recruiter.

6/22/2010 Received written Nomination for Eastern Europe, but it was not what we had discussed upon during the interview. I e-mailed a question of clarification to the recruiter.

6/25/2010 Received a written (correct) Nomination for Youth Development Programs in Central / South America / Eastern Caribbean.

– – – Completed Medical/Dental/Vision appointments, including blood tests and several immunizations throughout month of July.

8/2/2010 Submitted all Medical/Dental/Vision paperwork.

8/6/2010 According to my PC Tool Kit, all medical/Dental/Vision paperwork was received in PC Headquarters (Washington, DC).

8/20/2010 My Dental review is completed and approved. I am still awaiting Medical & Vision review and approval. There is also a Legal (yep, in bold red capital letters) on my review status (!).

– – – I called the PC 800 # and sought the Legal Office and was given a very pleasant and reassuring explanation that everything was within standard procedure and there might be a few questions about how I am planning to take care of my financial obligation in the future (I have a mortgage on my house), but all I had to do was wait until contacted. I could not get any clarification on the expected wait time, but I was given acceptable reassurance that everything in my file appears in order and the process is moving along per protocol.

10/30/2010 Sent email to Medical Review Assistant inquiring about the Legal Hold and asking what I can do to expedite the process for resolving the matter.

11/1/2010 Received phone call from Medical Review Assistant (Gayle). I needed to fax most recent lab result for PSA.  Also, she will snail mail the forms I need to have an audiologist complete.

-11/11/2010 Sent a follow-up email to OMS asking where the forms might be since I have not received them.

-11/13/2010 (Saturday) I received a phone call from US Post Office – – – they have just found “a lot” of undelivered mail addressed to me. I went and obtained it. The audiology forms were among the pile of mail that should have been delivered previously.

-11/15/2010 (Monday) I took forms to audiologist. I needed to schedule an appointment.

-11/17/2010 Audiology evaluation conducted. Forms completed and mailed to PC OMS.

-11/20/2010 PC Toolkit update indicates Medical Hold removed; all documentation is being reviewed.

-12/1/2010 PC Toolkit indicates Medical Review is complete.

-12/2/2010 email received from OMS nurse reviewer giving me tip that I am “up for next week review.”

-12/3/2010 PC Toolkit updated indicating that the Legal Hold has been removed. No explanation given.

-12/3/2010 USPS mail delivery received with written confirmation that I have been “Medically qualified for service and the Office of Placement notified.”

-12/6/2010 email received from Placement and Assessment Assistant stating that she just discovered that one of my references had not fully completed the reference form (had not filled in every additional comment space). I sent an email request to my reference asking to complete the form.

-12/8/2010 email received from P&A Assistant stating everything is now complete and she is sending my file to Placement Office. She stated that I should expect to hear from a Placement Officer “within several weeks, if not sooner.”

-12/17/2010 email inquiry sent to P&A Assistant regarding clarification as to how long the process might take. Response same day reminding me that   “this is a long process, and your patience during it is not only appreciated, but indicative of your future success as a volunteer. “ I was told that I will be contacted as soon as the Placement Officer is able to get to my file.

– 2/7/2010 as of this date, I have not received any contact from the PC Placement office.

03/04/2011 Found interesting statement in a PC catalog (refer to posting on 3/4/2011) and wrote to my recruiter about it. Received a response within an hour (refer to posting on 3/6/2011). Summary – PC didn’t get my paperwork done in time to invite me in time for the target date for my program. Recruiter suggested I contact placement office for my program. Sent email to community & youth Development placement office on 3/4/2011 (Friday afternoon).

03/06/2011 Received e-mail from (second) P & A Assistant stating my file is being reviewed and I will hear “in a few weeks.”

03/30/2011 No further contact from the PC as of this date.

03/31/2011 Sent email to (second) P & A Assistant inquiring into progress of my file and asking for clarification of what my tentative departure date might be at this point.

04/04/2011 Received phone call from a Placement Specialist for a final interview. At the end of the session which lasted a bit more than an hour, I was told that I would be qualified for service and an invitation would be mailed to me. The only information that was given over the phone was that departure will be in September and I will be assigned to NGOs for community and youth development in an eastern European country.

04/05/2011 PC Toolkit has been updated to state that I have been invited to serve.

04/06/2011 BBP arrives on my doorstep! Macedonia – September, 2011 to November, 2013

04/08/2011 I submit a formal (written) acceptance of my invitation and receive in return an e-mail message congratulating and welcoming me along with two pages of instructions to follow.

– 04/11/2011 I submit my Aspiration Statement and my Resume to the Macedonia Country Desk at PC    per pre-staging instructions.

05/18/2011 e-mail notification received that my toolkit has been updated. Toolkit indicates that a “HOLD” has been placed on my file. Further checking reveals that it is a “Dental Hold.”  All dental paperwork must be no older than 12 months upon departure for Staging. Therefore, I had to have my dentist complete the paperwork all over and submit dental X-rays again. I accomplished that and the Hold was lifted.

– 09/09/2011 Staging! Philadelphia, PA


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